Loan Consolidation: Your Loans United in a Unique Loan


Give your budget breathing room with the loan consolidation!

Loan consolidation can mean financial help. It can be very interesting if you have multiple credits; you simply combine all your credits into a single credit .

In addition to a natural simplification, you can drastically reduce your monthly repayments with a consolidating of loans.


Merge Loans : Is it Something for Me?


We offers you formulas that are tailored to your budget. Regardless of the loans you have taken out – purchase of a new smartphone or new furniture – you can rely on a regrouping of loans. With your new only monthly repayment, you give your budget breathing room and the management of your loans becomes a lot easier.


Repeating of Credits: The Solution to Reduce your Monthly Repayments.


REPEATING OF CREDITS: the solution to reduce your monthly repayments


Now we are usually obliged to take out several loans at the same time and we often do not pay attention to the accumulation of interest on these individual loans.

The reasons for these loans are countless:

  • become owner ;
  • Home enlarge, renovate apartment, installing garden;
  • children who attend school and then go to university ;
  • replace your car , dishwasher, television, smartphone, computer, etc.;
  • going on vacation .

Thanks to the consolidating of loans, you can combine your installment loans (car, work / renovation loan, personal loan) and your credit openings into a single loan and now only have to pay off one monthly amount .

A consolidating of loans is the solution to reduce your expenses.


Repeating Credit is Really Something for You.




  • If you have taken out multiple loans; purchase of a car, work at home, cards from stores, consumer credit, money reserve, etc.
  • If the amount of your monthly repayments has become too large and the management of your household budget has become too complicated.
  • If you wish to adjust the amount of your monthly repayments to your income.

With us this can be simpler by bringing all your loans together in a single loan.


Benefits of Reaping Appropriations




Consolidating all of your loans into a single credit is really much easier.

  • A single credit, a single repayment and a single point of contact.
  • Easier management of your repayments .
  • You can choose to reduce the amount of your repayments by extending the term of your loan.
  • You can choose to shorten the term of your loan by increasing the amount of your repayments: you save money by reducing the total cost of your loan.
  • The interest rate, the term and the monthly repayments are fixed.
  • By regrouping your credits, you adjust management to your financial situation and your budget is better balanced.


Why Choose Us for the Consolidation of Your Loans?




  • It is our intention to work with you to choose the solution that is best suited to your needs and thus reduce your monthly repayments.
  • Before you commit, you know not only the costs, but also the duration and the repayment of your consolidating of loans.
  • Your budget is in balance again.
  • An adviser is ready to discreetly study your file.
  • Wearranges everything for you.
  • If you want this, a consultant – even in the evening – will come to your home at no extra cost to sign the agreement


Are you interested in consolidating your loans?


  • Call us free of charge.
  • We are ready for you in one of our many offices.
  • Or complete our online application form .


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