Do Not Know Where to Ask for a Quick Personal Loan?

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Surely many times you’ve asked yourself who to go to ask for a personal loan, because here I’ll explain the websites that give the best credits

Asking a quick loan through the internet is quite common. Few people in Spain have ever had to go to a credit company in search of financing to face an unexpected expense or to make ends meet.

When a debt hangs “over your head” the easiest thing is to compare the fast loans existing in the market, and choose the one that in a matter of minutes can solve the ballot and transfer the money to your checking account (with the inconvenience that interests that apply to you are high).

If your situation is in a hurry, you may have the following questions:

  • What lender do I choose?
  • Are there promotions or offers if you are a new client?
  • What documentation will they ask me?

Where do I ask for the money?

Where do I ask for the money?

You have several options, some cheaper than others but also less discreet:

  • Ask the borrowed money to relatives and friends (you will have to face indiscreet questions of how you have arrived at that situation or for what you want the money)
  • Ask for an advance of your payroll in the company (it is not a “plate of taste” to ask for favors from the boss).
  • Go to a bank or traditional savings bank (Surely you are denied or bored with paperwork bureaucracy and you end up fed up while the days go by while you “study your case”)
  • If you need to buy appliances or similar you can ask the seller if it is large surface (usually you finance it at a rate of 0% interest)
  • Choose a personal loan company online: Quick and discreet but also expensive.

Requirements to request a loan?

Requirements to request a loan?

Depending on who you ask you to demand one or the other, but at a general level, the requirements that you must meet to request mini-loans that you give online are the following:

  • Older age, with the DNI in force at the time of the request
  • Be Spanish or reside legally in Spain
  • Provide a mobile phone number
  • Provide a contact email
  • Provide the bank account number

Other requirements that some lenders exist:

  • Proof of regular income
  • Do not appear in delinquent listings such as RAI or Asnef