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“Astro Bank”: Swabian financial services with know-how

In 1960 the Swabian credit bank “Astro Bank” was founded with its headquarters in Stuttgart and since then has offered the business areas of personal loans, sales and dealer financing. The bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of the French banking group “CreditCole”, it operates as a public limited company in Germany, has 539 employees and a current balance sheet total of around 3,647 million USD.

The parent company can be found in over 70 countries and has a total of over 54 million customers worldwide. “Astro Bank” is a branch bank – local advice is available in 15 cities: Erfurt, Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin and Rostock in the east, Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart and Mannheim in the south, Frankfurt, Cologne, Essen and Bielefeld in the west and in the north Hanover, Bremen and Hamburg.

Loans for individuals and civil servants

Loans for individuals and civil servants

The main focus of “Astro Bank” is on the lending business distributed on the Internet, the experts here are among the most affordable providers in the industry. The company has a TÜV-tested service quality, is a member of numerous associations (including the Bundesverband deutscher Banken e.V.) and is therefore one of the most reputable and established providers on the market. Until 2011, self-employed people could also get a loan here, since then the offer is aimed at private individuals and civil servants. The requirements are standardized.

Astro credit requirements

  • majority
  • Resident in Germany
  • employed by an employer for at least three months
  • outside the trial period.

If you meet the requirement, you can get small loans from 1,000 USD – the amount for an instant loan can be freely determined, the highest possible amount is 70,000 USD. Customers with a high credit rating can also receive a higher amount in individual cases.

Public employees with a monthly income of $ 4,500 or more can take up loan amounts of up to $ 100,000, for example. The term is between twelve and 120 months. According to the bank’s own information, the bank is granted “responsibly according to the code of the banking association”.

Legitimation can be done via videoident, postident or traditionally by visiting a branch.

Flexible instant credit with awards

Flexible instant credit with awards

The instant loan can be applied for online, it can be used flexibly and is therefore not tied up. A professional website and video instructions make it easier to apply online. The request as well as the processing is free of charge, a promise is made in the shortest possible time, usually after 24 hours.

“Astro Bank” was named the best provider in 2012 in a study by “Börse Online” and “n-TV”, especially for service, processing and speed.
However, the award winner only serves customers with a good credit rating – i.e. without a credit bureau entry. The interest rate depends on the credit rating.

Astro credit flow

Astro credit flow

The application can be made easily using an online form and can be completed within a few minutes. Before taking out the loan, you determine the amount of the fixed monthly installments and the term.

If all conditions for the award are met and the bank has received all the necessary documents, the payment will be made to your account after a few days.

Special repayments at Astro

If you have enough money available, you can transfer an additional amount in addition to your installment payment (special repayment). Special repayments are possible once a month free of charge with Astro. After the special repayment, however, at least 4 installments must remain open. With special repayments, you automatically shorten the remaining term of your loan.

The early full repayment and thus triggering an instant loan is not free of charge. There is a prepayment penalty. The prepayment fee is based on the remaining term.

A fee of $ 8.50 is due for the annual account statement. If you want to save this fee, you should object to the sending of the annual account statement in paper form when you sign the contract.

The “Astro Bank” distinguishes above all a high customer satisfaction. If the customer cannot get any further online, he can call on excellent advice with years of know-how in the branches or by telephone.

Astro loan calculator

If you click on the button below you will be taken directly to the Astro loan calculator. In the middle of the calculator you will find the option to change the Wuschkredit total and change the term. -> Change amount / term

With the calculator you can quickly and easily calculate your rate and apply for the Astro loan immediately online!